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Timeless Technologies is a premier security solution provider and a distributor of cutting-edge international security brands. Our mission is to deliver our clients with dependable and efficient security solutions

that address both criminal threats and environmental challenges.

Our product portfolio includes world-class equipment such as Thermal Imaging Systems, Optical/Infrared/Luminary Cameras, Video Analytics, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones.

Security Solutions

Teledyne Flir

As the global leader in thermal technology, FLIR provides the highest quality thermal security cameras in the marketplace. Today, FLIR thermal cameras are the industry standard for 24/7 perimeter monitoring. In addition to thermal, FLIR is known for its first-class radarsvisible cameraselevated skin temperature screening solutionsvideo management systems, and command and control software for security applications.


SightLogix manufactures a smart thermal detection system—the SightSensor—specifically designed for high performance in the outdoors. SightLogix has become a leader in the perimeter security market, and our system has been deployed at critical sites throughout the world, primarily due to its unmatched detection reliability, reduced nuisance alerts, and low costs.


IONODES help commercial, enterprise and government organizations around the world solve operational challenges by providing them with smart and connected IP video solutions that can be easily integrated into their existing workflows and business processes. They believe in interoperability and reliability, developing open platform solutions that can be trusted to provide actionable insights, real-time events, live remote interaction and useful analytics.

Futures Fibre Technologies

FFT are specialists in fibre optics, with a product range built on many years of knowledge and experience solely developing superior technology that maximises sensitivity and probability of detection, whilst minimising the probability of nuisance alarms, providing a more reliable solution.


As the leading surveillance systems manufacturer, ACTi provides the full range of surveillance products - IP cameras, video management systems, TV wall systems, mobile applications, IoT devices and access control systems. 


Through the latest UAS technology, combat proven products, experienced instructors, skilled technicians, and dedicated support staff, they provide the best M-UAS platform for establishing the situational awareness which empowers battlespace decision makers to make clearer, safer and more efficient choices - thus improving the overall success of their combat operations. 

360 Vision

360 Vision Technology has built a solid reputation for the design and manufacture of a range of innovative and robust CCTV surveillance camera and control solutions as well as unique and patent pending static and PTZ LED illumination solutions in both infra red and white light options.


Tecnovideo specializes in providing Safety and Security Professionals with durable stainless steel CCTV fixed cameras, PTZ, accessories, and fully comprehensive systems tailored for extreme hazardous and corrosive environments. They deliver cost-effective, compliant, and timely security solutions.

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