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ACTi Corporation


As the leading surveillance systems manufacturer, ACTi provides the full range of surveillance products - IP cameras, video management systems, TV wall systems, mobile applications, IoT devices and access control systems. 

ACTi offers the custom designed security management solutions for various vertical markets.


Processing video and metadata from various sensors and IoT devices using sophisticated application software, ACTi brings out solutions for handling the security challenges in more automated and seamless ways.


With the integration of third-party systems, ACTi provides tailored and reliable solutions fulfill the requirements for each special project.

Speed Dome
Thermal Camera

ACTi also provides an end-to-end Security Plus platform with the modern concept of security management combining reliable cameras, video management systems, access control systems and real-time information management with intelligent and automated features for immediate incident handling.

Additionally, the integration with other devices or systems advances the platform performance beyond surveillance systems. For instance, by adding face and fingerprint recognition technology to the Access Control system, the safety of the premises can be maximized.


Whenever there is an abnormal event or unauthorized access, the real-time alert along with clear video evidence is instantly sent to the security personnel. The high reliability of the whole system is achieved by the redundancy and backup systems along with System Health Management service that is designed to monitor hundreds of critical devices real time, to be able to know immediately whenever an abnormal situation or failure occurs with those devices or premises.

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