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Timeless Technologies is the market leader in outdoor optoelectronic segment. Our wide range of products includes thermal imaging/digital riflescopes, thermal and night vision monoculars/binoculars, etc. We offer superior-quality products  for hunting, anti-poaching initiatives, farm security and natural observation.

We focus on:

  • Farming Industry

  • Wild Life Conservation 

  • Anti-Poaching

  • Hunting

  • Vermin Control

  • Farm Security

  • Off Road Vehicle Use

Outdoor Solutions

InfiRay Africa

Bring the wildlife up close and personal. This infrared night vision camera has a small size, light weight, and high performance that can be handheld easily for night vision and targeting during hunting.

 With InfiRay® self-developed infrared detector with low NETD and power consumption, you can provide ultra-clear thermal images with crisp details.

Teledyne Flir

Brilliant, crisp imagery from the latest in thermal imaging technology gives you the ability to see more of your surroundings than ever before, even after dark. Enhance your ability to trail big game, protect your livestock from predators, or search for others in your hunting party from dusk to dawn.

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