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Outdoor Camera

SightLogix manufactures a smart thermal detection system—the SightSensor—specifically designed for high performance in the outdoors.


Since our inception in 2004, SightLogix has become a leader in the perimeter security market, and our system has been deployed at critical sites throughout the world, primarily due to its unmatched detection reliability, reduced nuisance alerts, and low costs.

The SightLogix system was first conceived by CEO and co-founder John Romanowich during a security survey of Ground Zero, the World Trade Center site, six months after 9/11.


John was frustrated by the failure of typical video analytics systems to provide a viable outdoor surveillance solution to secure the site.

SightLogix SightSensor
Thermal Imaging Surveillance

In 2004, John brought together a group of fellow entrepreneurs, video analytics experts, and acclaimed engineers from IBM, the former AT&T Bell Labs, and the Sarnoff Corporation to found SightLogix Inc., a company committed to developing the first reliable, real-time outdoor video analytics solution.

As a fitting milestone, in September 2011 the SightLogix Outdoor Video System was deployed to protect The World Trade Center memorial.

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