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Davantis Dfusion



DAVANTIS was founded in 2005 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. They have spent a decade performing research and development into video analytics-based perimeter security solutions.

Their high level of specialisation and experience have made them experts, with more than 30% of their team devoted to developing new solutions with proprietary technology compatible with all existing security systems.

Deep-learning based video analytics detects trespassers instantly, reducing installation and maintenance costs and optimising staff time.

Video analytics system are more efficient than other passive security solutions like barriers, wired and terrestrial sensors, microwave, video, and PIR sensors.


Traditional solutions do not distinguish between real security breaches and false alarms.

In contrast, video analytics solutions can detect and verify incidents in real time for an astoundingly low rate of false alarms. And what’s more, they are economical and quick to install.

Davantis Analytics
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