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Lightweight & Portable Mast Range

Perfect for many mobiles uses such as aerial photography or traffic surveys, our lightweight portable mass range can be used for so many applications. These portable masts are light enough to be handled by one person and are used in service throughout the world's Civil, Military and Emergency services. Available in 66mm, 80mm and 101mm∅ or 4" diameter and up to 20m or 65ft extended.
Fast Mast Range

Obtaining high level, striking photography and video could not be easier with our vehicle mounted Fast Mast range. This is a complete self-contained vehicle mounted mast system for rapid deployment in less than 3 minutes and simply fits the roof rack of almost any vehicle: You can even use your own car!

Royal Mast Range

Following our visit from His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Lord Mayor and Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, we named our new range "The Royal Mast".  The Royal Mast Range has proved to be a favourite choice for our customers as it has many uses due to its strength and head load capacity. This allows heavy lighting mast assemblies or other bulky antenna masts for communication applications where lateral strength is required to minimise (or even eliminate on some masts) the use of guys. This can be of great importance when rapid deployment in limited space is required, such as roadsides for photographic or video uses.
Premier Strong & Premier Giant 

All of our Premier Strong and Giant masks in this range have tubes with keyways and keyed collars which stop any unwanted rotation due to wind. The tube wall thickness is a minimum of 3.5mm and on some of the high mass range, the base, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th tubes are constructed from 4.5mm and even 5mm for maximum strength. All masts throughout our range are fully clear anodised. However, other anodised colours are available. All our masts are tested to not lose air for 24 hours. Our masts also carry the CE mark of quality and come with a 2-year guarantee

Compact Masts

Our compact mass can be used for numerous applications such as vehicle and tripod mounting and have the advantage of being a more compact mast when retracted and being lighter than other masts so they are even easier to handle. Sizes available: 64mm, 77mm, 90mm, 115mm, 152mm and 200mmØ.

Lighting Masts

We supply a full range of lighting masts and highlighting equipment available with every type of illumination configuration and lamp type. Remote controlled masts which are typically used on fire engines are available which automatically raise the mast to the vertical position, extend the mast and then automatically stow into the horizontal position. We provide many types of pan and tilt mast devices which can separately rotate and tilt multiple lights at the scene of the incident. Our portable mast range is commonly used for temporary lighting applications and internal coiled power wiring is also available on many masts. All our masts carry the CE mark of quality and have all other certifications you may require. This may be required by the government, emergency service or military procurement personnel.

Military Masts

Our robust equipment is in constant use within many of the world's military and so has a proven track record for quality and longevity. We can supply numerous mounting options for antenna and lighting equipment, cameras and other uses and we stock a full range of rapid deployment equipment and mast mounting brackets.

Emergency Service Masts

For many years and in various countries we have been a trusted supplier of emergency service masts for onsite lighting, communications and video to police, fire departments and a wide range of government departments. All of our masts carry the CE mark of quality and come with a 2-year guarantee.

Communications & Antenna Masts 

Our pneumatic telescopic masts provide the perfect platform to raise a multitude of different types of the antenna to the required height. They are commonly used for mobile, temporary or even semi-permanent deployment of equipment. This is for clients that omit a huge range of radio signals, data transmission or receiving.

Wind Turbine & Anemometer Masts 

Total Mast Solutions have been at the forefront of the design of masts for the ever expanding green energy sector since it began. Our masts are commonly used as a cost effective method of gathering data of wind speeds at a potential site for a fixed or static turbine prior to its installation. This quick cost effective easy method provides accurate and valuable information on the potential energy achievable from this position. They can be rapidly moved to an alternative position to assure possible better wind speeds.

Sports Analysis Mast Systems 

The portable, fixed and vehicle mounted telescopic SportsMast filming systems are the very latest technology and the perfect mobile solutions for use with Video, Sports and Performance Analysis within the Sports and Education Markets.  They can work as a completely stand-alone solution whereby video footage can be captured straight to the SportsCam PTZ, camcorder, a PC, Apple Mac or external hard drive plus they integrate and work seamlessly with any Sports Video Analysis Software such as Prozone, Sportscode, DartfÌsh, PanoField, Sports Performer, Verusco, Feedback Sport, Silicon Coach, Nac Sport, Vistrak etc.

Photography Masts

We are the worldwide premier suppliers of ground-based semi-aerial photography systems. We supply simple to operate aerial photography equipment that can be easily operated by one person. Via a laptop, you are able to see exactly what the camera can see (live time) and you can remotely rotate and tilt the camera to compose the perfect high impact photo.

Trailer Masts 

As with many of our other systems the "A" frame system carries the mast horizontally and effortlessly pivots the mast into the vertical position. By using the upper and lower mast level adjusters you can easily level the mast both forwards, rearwards and side to side. This means you do not have to level the trailer, you simply deploy the extendable stabilisers.

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