Precise Targeting with GEO-Lock

January 16, 2017

Seeing your target is one thing, but without knowing exactly where it is, you are not able to effectively relay its position to others. With GEO-Lock you can benefit from knowing the precise location of your target, allowing you to quickly communicate its position to relevant associates. This functionality is valuable for a number of ISR applications, where knowledge of your target’s geographical whereabouts can speed up and simplify your operation. 



GEO-Lock is made possible through the use of location and orientation data to calculate the position of the target in the real world. This position information is then displayed on screen, right where you need it, so you can make prompt and informed decisions.


Depending on your application, we have a wide range of options available that will allow you to maximize the GEO-Lock feature and get the right information to the people who need it. 


Combined with features such as object tracking, real-time video stabilization and HD streaming, UAV Vision’s range of gimbals provide a complete ISR solution for any mission, helping your operation run more efficiently. 


Learn more about GELOCK in this video:




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