Why today’s top security pros are measuring temperature...

July 6, 2016

Today’s Top Security Pros Are Measuring Temperature and these temperature-based alarms bring an added dimension to Thermal Cameras. 



Thermal cameras coupled with video analytics optimized for thermal video have gained widespread acceptance among security professionals for their ability to detect, alarm on, and assess faint heat signatures around the clock, and in conditions that would blind typical video cameras.


This makes them invaluable for guarding physical perimeters – and establishing virtual perimeters – around power plants, petrochemical facilities, or remote, unmanned substations. What many security pros may not know is that the same thermal technology has been the industry standard for monitoring what happens inside the same fence for decades. Maintenance and operations personnel use small, handheld thermal cameras to monitor heat-related conditions and trends of critical components as part of their routine predictive maintenance program. Because these cameras are precisely calibrated, they can measure and record the temperature of objects all over the facility.



Using thermal technology in a coordinated, multi-role scheme can take advantage of its additive strengths beyond security, and adding value for the entire facility. At an electrical substation, for example, security personnel don’t want someone going over or through the fence to steal the copper or otherwise damage equipment.

An unplanned service interruption can cost the utility hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and repair costs. Maintenance and operations personnel are also trying to prevent unplanned outages by inspecting the thousands of components inside the fence to see if any of them are giving off excess heat, which could betray an impending failure. If they can reroute power around the failing component and repair it without any loss of service to their customers, that’s a good day at work.

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