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June 9, 2016

Wat is the number one reason why people invest into Residential Estates?  Security -  and this will remain the number one reason for several years to come. 


The past few years residential estates have taken security to the next level with upgrading to thermal perimeters, integrated with advanced video analytics, recording software, off site monitoring etc. 



And yes, these upgrades don't come cheap, but like with all technology we have seen a massive drop in price for high end surveillance systems, so much so that many residential estate developers now consider a thermal perimeter with advanced video analytics at design phase.   Which of course will be a comfort to the landscaping contractors and HOA because there will be less aesthetic changes, damage to landscape or  levy increase in years to come.


The drop in price has also triggered a new trend where smaller businesses and private residences are now inquiring about these type of installations.  Not only do they want to protect their assets but they want to have control over their own security by being able to monitor it remotely. 


Timeless Technologies has been a supplier for FLIR Thermal Security cameras and Advanced Video Analytics  for several years and we are excited that we  also provide smaller sites with the same advanced surveillance solutions with Davantis Video Analytics, the FIR Thermal FC Range & FLIR Thermal & Optical Bullets.


Davantis is specifically designed for the connection of thermal & optical imaging. The advanced video analytics system is also ideal for the protection of smaller sites, bringing together the power of thermal imaging and video analytics and the supervision of a Central monitoring station.  The high performance of the combination of this video analytics unit and FLIR thermal imaging is one of the most powerful solutions for big or small sites on the security market.

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