Be prepared for longer nights...

March 6, 2016


With the change of season we experience not only longer nights but we also spend longer time on the roads during night time, leaving earlier to avoid peak traffic and ending up in peak traffic as we return.


And with longer nights we also see an escalation in crime because suddenly the room of opportunity for criminals have been extended.  Dropping of somebody at the airport at 05:00 in the morning suddenly becomes a more dangerous event than a month ago especially when driving into low lit areas.


The FLIR PathfindIR may just be that extra pair of eyes that can save your life in situations like these.  Picking up heat signatures up to a 900 meters with no need of your vehicle's headlights, you can now spot a potential criminal standing next to the road or random parked vehicle.  This thermal camera is an exceptional addition for surveillance vehicles while they monitor certain high crime areas.


The new FLIR PathfindIR II does not only offer thermal imaging but is now also fitted with video analytics that will show off people and animals in the road as you drive by displaying a yellow block on your screen.

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