Africa's beauty after dark...

October 9, 2015

Working within the security sector can sometimes be extremely negative.  Being reminded of the daily crime rate escalating yearly, the only thing that keep you from not losing hope is knowing that you work with a group of people desperately trying to beat the crime in South Africa.  So when we get the chance to use our thermal technology not only for the better but for the beauty, you cannot help but be EXTREMELY proud and humbled to live on this breathtaking continent called Africa.  


We do not only capture criminals at night but "capture" stunning wildlife,  Experiencing the amazing wild life Africa has to offer 24/7.   Now you can enjoy the other 12 hours of your trip as explained by the Turnbulls in Africa:

"You know the game is out there - you can hear lions and hyaena, you can see some eyes by torchlight. Exciting but frustrating!  So what if the day could just go on and on? Well, apparently it can. 


Handheld thermal imaging ‘cameras’ are amazing. After coffee, in the dead of night, we’ve spotted elephants, bushbabies, hyaenas, hippos, nightjars, genets, jackals, leopards and any amount of antelope - all without leaving the campsite.  For us the handheld was game-changing. We sleep in places where there are no fences, where wildlife can, and does, wander through camp at any time. The thermal imaging equipment adds two extraordinary opportunities to a trip to the bush.First, the day needn’t end. In the right spot, you can just fire up the FLIR and watch animals for hours, long after the sun has set. You will be astonished by what is out there... ”




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