Farm Security

June 9, 2015


More and more farmers are turning towards Thermal Cameras and Technology to assist in personal safety on their farms.  With the threat levels higher at night,  Farmers and their Employees are distant from the closest law enforcement or armed response units during a life threatening incident.


One of Timeless Technologies' clients, a farmer at Muldersdrift shared his story with us during an attempt break in last year:  “We received a distress call from one of our neighbours around 17:30, that he had 3 intruders on his farm, shots were fired and they are on their way to us. I immediately reacted with the FLIR Thermal Camera from Timeless Technologies with me, knowing that it will soon be sunset.  As I went up the hill my staff contacted me via radio, informing that the 3 guys are by the store and running in a Westerly direction.  I changed course and drove true the veld, where I saw one of the intruders running. 


I chased him down and arrested him.  I then instructed my staff to go to a high point and see if they can spot the other two.  They then informed that they are running north about 1km from us. I then asked my staff to follow them.  When reinforcement arrived I then pursued towards the other 2, by then it was 18:30.  I got down the hill and on track of the 2 guys by around 19:00 and it was getting darker. I regrouped with my staff and starting to use the FLIR Thermal Camera, at first I couldn’t see clearly the guys as all the surrounding rocks was hot so early in the night. They already took off their shirts to ensure they blend in with the darkness of the night - bad idea as it help me to pinpoint them easier with the Thermal Camera about 400 meters away.  We were able to successfully arrest all 3 suspects - and it turned out they all had criminal records.”


Good news for farmers as published in  " reported that following an enquiry by Agri South Africa’s rural safety committee on behalf of its members, the South African Revenue Service confirmed that under Article 11 (e) of the Income Tax Act security measures used to protect farming equipment can be written off over five years.  Farmers experience significant financial losses as a result of crimes including theft of farm equipment, accessories and stock.  Additionally, purchasing and installing electronic safety equipment, such as sensors and security cameras, causes farmers to spend an exponential amount of money.  According to Agri SA’s deputy executive director Johan Pienaar these benefits do not apply to security equipment installed in private homes, reported  Therefore, checks will be conducted to ensure the tax benefits are for a farm business and that the safety equipment is used to safeguard production units or outbuildings, for example.  Farmers are encouraged to contact their financial advisors to learn how they can use these benefits."



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