Thermal Technology keeping miners & mine vehicles safe in South Africa

May 28, 2015


South Africa is a world renowned leader in the mining industry. Not only is it famous for its mineral resources, which account for a significant proportion of world production, but the country’s wealth has been built as a direct result of it’s vast mineral resources.  The mining industry is also South Africa's biggest employer, with around 460,000 employees and another 400,000 employed by the suppliers of goods and services to the industry.


Accidents with mining trucks  "The mining industry is a huge market in South Africa.” explains Mr. Eddie Smith, founder and Managing Director of Try some. “We supply the mining industry with cameras and other safety systems for their trucks and other heavy equipment. It is of little consequence whether mining is carried out in open cast mines or underground, the equipment utilized is always huge and heavy, and as a result any accidents which occur are usually serious.” “In addition to the equipment being extremely large and heavy, an added complication is that the driver is sitting in a very elevated position.


This elevated position results in the driver not always being in a position to see what is happening directly in front, to the side or to the rear of his vehicle.” “Not having a clear view of what is happening around him can result in sometimes deadly accidents. A mining truck, for example is such a huge vehicle that if the driver cannot see a normal LDV parked in front or behind him, he may accidentally drive right over it. Because the vehicle is so large and the terrain often rough he may not even be aware that he has driven over an obstacle and will simply continue to travel. Accidents of this nature are a regular occurrence since people do not always realize the danger of being close to one of these vehicles.”, Eddie Smith further explains. “We were looking for another technology that can help drivers of mining vehicles to avoid accidents. After some research we got in contact with Mr. Tinus Diedericks , distributor of FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras in South Africa.”


“When we found out what the FLIR Systems PathFindIR thermal imaging can do, we were impressed. Not only does it produce a crisp image in total darkness, but it can also see through light fog, dust and smoke. Exactly what is required for a mining vehicle.” We are currently installing the first 68 PathFindIR thermal imaging cameras on board of mining vehicles. They are easy to integrate and are being mounted on the front of the vehicle. The images the PathFindIR produces are displayed on a large LCD screen located inside the vehicle' “Mining equipment utilized for underground applications also have to deal with dusty and
dark conditions and they too can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras.”


“Compared to the cost of a vehicle and the money that is subsequently lost due to involvement in mining accidents, the cost of installing a PathFindIR thermal imaging camera is a minor and negligible expense. For this reason more and more companies are considering the installation of PathFindIR thermal imaging cameras on their vehicles” concludes Eddie Smith.

Since the above application by Timeless Technologies, the stunning FLIR PathfindIR II was release, now with built in Analytics:




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