When detection matters...

May 21, 2015


Same FLIR thermal cameras, same time at night, same incidents, different video analytics... different results.   Two different type of Video Analytics was tested on the same cameras and scenario. On the left hand you have Davantis Video Analytics and on the right another industry brand. 


During nighttime, when the control room is at its most vulnerable, sufficient and proper detection is extremely vital.  Fatigue sets in and security personnel may not be that sharp in analyzing continues thermal images and should be able to depend on the installed video analytics system as during day time.




Above, Davantis video analytics on the left, successfully detects the persons and also followed them as they walked the perimeter and though the bushes.   The video clip shows a person walking through the bushes, full body not visible, but still detected and alarm send to the control room. 


Davantis video analytics take the innate power of thermal cameras to an even higher level through highly sophisticated proprietary algorithms and machine learning capabilities.   These algorithms have been specifically designed to take into account the power of the cameras to work over much longer distances with the result that false alarms, such as those caused by external lights or shadows, are pretty much consigned to history.

Can you afford not to have proper video analytics installed?

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