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 Did you know?

  • There is NO start up license fees  with Davantis Video Analytics

  • There are NO annual license fees with Davantis Video Analytics

  • Davantis Video Analytics is iLIDS certified

  • Davantis Video Analytics is compatible with most popular camera brands, thermal & optical

  • Davantis Video Analytics can be incorporated into current VMS systems

  • Davantis Video Analytics can easily be integrated with your current security system

  • Davantis Video Analytics now has a mobile APP for remote monitoring.


i-LIDS® Certification
The Davantis perimeter protection solution is certified as a primary monitoring system by the UK’s Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB), specifically as an i-LIDS® approved primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications.


Not that many systems have achieved i-LIDS® strict evaluation criteria and Davantis is one of the select few manufacturers to join the primary monitor certification group.  With this certification, the Davantis system clearly demonstrates its high reliability for perimeter protection in all kinds of scenarios, with one of the absolute lowest false positives rates on the market.  “We are extremely proud of this certification as it must give real confidence to any customer that the system they are buying will behave exactly as we say it will. This certification from a highly prestigious independent entity says a lot about Davantis and its product”.

Perimeter Protection
Davantis video analytics has become a powerful and essential tool across sectors and industries for the protection of citizens, businesses and property.
In towns and cities – so resources can be prioritised and so efficiently and effectively allocated.
In mass transportation hubs – to face the particular challenges to safety and security that the modern age brings.

In critical infrastructure – to avoid the ramifications of failure, whether accidental or not.
In highways – to improve road safety and prevent accidents to ensure smooth traffic flow.
In government and military facilities – to ensure the heart of decision-making is maintained and assets protected.
In the retail sector – to enhance customer safety and improve operational performance.

Thermal Protection
Whilst Davantis video analytics will improve the effectiveness of any video surveillance system, you can significantly increase your level of protection through incorporating thermal imaging cameras.
These cameras work in almost every weather condition, including rain and snow, and in all light conditions – by daylight and in the brightest sunlight or the dullest day – and whether in crystal clear or polluted air or by moonlight or in the darkest of dark nights without external illumination.
Thermal cameras are also an excellent solution where long, straight perimeters are involved: indeed, with a range counted in the upper 100s of metres, one thermal camera can do the task of several standard ones.

Davantis video analytics take the innate power of thermal cameras to an even higher level through highly sophisticated proprietary algorithms and machine learning capabilities. These algorithms have been specifically designed to take into account the power of the cameras to work over much longer distances with the result that false alarms, such as those caused by external lights or shadows, are pretty much consigned to history.
As with all Davantis systems, setup and maintenance are easy, with special parameter configurations for thermal cameras. System operation remains simple and effective, thanks to our ClickThru™, 3-click alarm management.  As well as the detection power that comes with Davantis video analytics, you also get access to unbeatable, multilingual help desk support.

Central Management Software

A key strength of Davantis video analytics systems is that we also provide monitoring stations solutions – and these can be either stand-alone or integrated. This means you don’t have to replace any existing video management system because we will integrate our system and not compete with what’s already installed.

The list of monitoring station software products and companies we work with increases all the time and includes the biggest and the best.  (Click on the ‘Technology’ button / ‘Why Davantis?’ drop-down for a list of camera and monitoring station companies we work with.)

Superior Speed and Total Assurance
The point is that whether stand-alone or integrated, Davantis adds real power to your system.  Underlying the power of Davantis is the company’s uniquely powerful ClickThru™ technology.

This is a simple 3 mouse clicks alarm management system embedded within the monitoring station which allows proper assessment and appropriate action in just a matter of a few seconds rather than long minutes (the protocol is easy to define and readily changeable):

One click to see a snapshot highlighted by a square surrounding the cause of an alarm trigger, so allowing instant verification and action, if required…
One click to watch a 10 - second video clip to provide more detailed information (3 seconds before and 7 seconds after the trigger) to check on possible movement(s) at the trigger point…

One click to watch the live camera that’s been triggered.

You Get More…
Other Davantis product features include:
Optimised the speed of alarm transmission…
Optimised for bandwidth usage…
Optional sound when new alarm received…
Bi-directional audio to communicate with intruders…
Privacy: operators can only watch live cameras when intrusion detected…
Multi-operator: any number of clients may work at the same time…
Server redundancy: master/slave server with replication…
Network redundancy: both primary and secondary Internet connections…
Deterrent device activation: such as siren activation, turn on lights, using remote relays…
Technical alarms: camera status, video analytics status, network status. 


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Davantis Daview LR is a powerful video analytics system designed for the connection of thermal imaging and visible cameras. This video analytics system is ideal for large-scale areas of security functions and external properties with security guards, with either their own control room, or a link to a CMS (central monitoring station).


Davantis Daview S is a powerful video analytics system, characterized by a quick and simple installation and easy startup. The system is designed to be integrated into existing CCTV video surveillance and is ideal for detecting and classifying persons and vehicles that pose a threat to security areas.

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CMS Software

Key strength of Davantis video analytics systems is that we also provide monitoring stations solutions – and these can be either stand-alone or integrated. This means you don’t have to replace any existing video management system because we will integrate our system and not compete with what’s already installed.


Davantis Daview Mini is a video analytics system that offers great security features to small installations. Designed to work with day/night cameras sending alarms to the CMS for remote monitoring. The video analytics system is ideal for the protection of small sites, joining the video analytics and the supervision of a Central Monitoring Station.

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