Automatic Sea Vision

Automatic Sea Vision (ASV) is the pioneer in maritime automatic surveillance systems. It has developed a true technological breakthrough with its patented state-of-the-art software to offer a complete solution to maritime safety and security. ASV is the first solution that offers automatic surveillance systems which can detect automatically any boat and/or floating object, in the dark as well as in the daytime.

This innovative system provides you complete control of a perimeter at sea or at anchor, without the need of any operator. Any objects entering the pre-defined perimeter will automatically set off alarms; you will then have the ability to zoom in on the detected objects, see its position, speed and heading, thereby providing you with all of the necessary information and sufficient time to react accordingly.
ASV is designed to fit with the user format and environment. It can be used standalone in combination with its user interface ARGUS or embedded with another security/safety application. The ASV server can be easily interfaced through a friendly API.

We take safety and security as seriously as you do
Coastal Monitoring
The combination of both automatic detection and image analysis ensures constant coastal monitoring allowing effective immigration and border control, maritime domain awareness and environmental protection.
Stay alerted!
Survey areas and monitor sector one by one with the ASV software which uses infrared thermal imaging cameras that scan the sector manually or automatically and enables great zooming capabilities to identify potentially dangerous approaches.
Gain a competitive advantage
There are a rising number of ports around the world. Gain a significant advantage over your competitors by having a safer port. With the ASV software controlling your port, you can ensure your client's maximum safety and security.

Reducing your Liability
Protecting against piracy and robbery at sea and at anchor
The first smart vision system at sea offering full perimeter control and a warning system against any intruders of any size (detecting RIB’s up to 4000 meters), giving the captain enough time to react against robbery attempts or piracy attacks.
Preventing collision risk at sea
With complete panoramic vision and automatic object detection, navigating safely your large ship in the most congested areas is done easily without any visibility problems. When an object becomes a threat (depending on the parameters set), the system alerts the captain and prevents any accidents.
Keeping crew safe at all times
The ASV software is constantly monitoring the ship’s perimeter and alerting the captain and crew of any potentially dangerous objects. As a result, the crew will be in complete safety.
Gaining a competitive edge
Never missing another delivery will keep customers happy and loyal.


Because only the best will do

Complete peace of mind
ASV software provides complete control of the yacht’s perimeter at all time and automatically alerts the captain and crew of any potential dangers.
Full perimeter control to protect passengers and crew
Obtain full panoramic view of your perimeter with the ASV software which uses infrared thermal images to automatically detect and track all objects around the yacht to ensure maximum safety and security.
Collision prevention at sea
At sea, the software is consistently looking for dangerous threats ahead and warning the captain and crew of objects which could be potentially dangerous.
Latest Optronic technology on the market
ASV is a technological leap forward from existing detection systems (radar, AIS transporters, etc.) because it is the only solution which combines both automatic detection and image analysis. This software has very low alarm rate and is the ultimate safety and security equipment on board; which also gives you essential navigational aid.

Never lose another minute
Guarding your offshore assets
ASV software gives the person in charge of safety complete control of your perimeter at all time and automatically alerts him of any potential dangers (Detecting RIBs up to 12000 meters). The software utilises infrared thermal imaging cameras to eliminate any unwanted entries in the perimeter.
Protecting your employees & Sustain production
Constantly monitoring your perimeter and automatically alerting your safety crew of any potential dangerous approach, so your employees can continue doing what they do best.
Avoid operational losses
ASV software gives the person in charge of safety complete situation awareness at all times day and night. ASV can provide the safety and security needs that will avoid any disastrous catastrophe which could cause substantial operational losses.

Protecting is our priority too
Gain an advantage
Automatically detecting approaching asymmetric threats (Detecting RIBs up to 4000 meters) at night and during the day utilising thermal imaging cameras can give you a significant advantage. Once a hostile craft is detected in the perimeter, an alarm is automatically triggered giving the OOW the information he needs to react.
Save lives
Improve your chance of recovering a man overboard with ASV’s search and rescue capabilities. The ASV software can be detected automatically any person fallen overboard up to a distance of 750 meters.
Improve patrol capabilities
Ensure a permanent and reliable search in your patrol area. Fulfil an automatic detection and tracking of any suspect or hostile boat and keep a record of any visible proof.


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