Ampleye is an innovator in high-end CCTV security and surveillance IP cameras which provide ultra high resolutions (HD and above)  imaging with high pixel sensitivity optimized for low-light scenes.

TheAmpleye | Nox-20 camera series are high light sensitive, low pixel noise and   high-resolution cameras designed and optimized for the security and surveillance market. The built-in Multi View Architecture technology (MVA) features simultaneous access to different regions-of-interest. ONVIF compliance allows seamless integration with many (existing) video management systems. MVA provides the maximum relevant image information, utilizing minimum bandwidth.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Capture details in both dark and bright areas

Motion Detection
Enables behavioural analysis
16x Custom windows with programmable actions
Camera Triggered recording
Reduce network bandwidth

Wide Focal Range (WFR)
In-focus on close and far distances
Remote configurable
Multiple focus-position presets

High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Combine images with different Exposure and Iris characteristics into one HDR image
Extreme WDR technology
Up to 15 fps

ONVIF Profile S Compliant
Easy integration into current infrastructures and VMS systems

Professional SLR Lens
High quality built lenses
Better light-gathering ability
Better imaging in darkness

Global Shutter Technology
No image skew
Clear pictures of fast moving objects

Flash Connectivity
2x synchronized

Optionally Infrared Sensitive
flash outputslowllight performance
Unique sensor technology
Low pixel noise
Night imaging in colour
35mm full frame

Ultra High Resolution
20 megapixels at 30 fps
Unveil more details with 64x VGA cameras in one
Live and retrospect PTZ
Don't miss anything
H.264 and JPEG2000

Multi View Architecture 25 Cameras in One, Each Configurable on:
Region-of-interest / PTZ
Exposure and iris characteristics
Focus position
Flash control
Frame rates
  up to 30 fps
Time and/or motion detection triggered


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